dance meditation

Dance and drumming were already used by shamans for a journey to higher worlds.

The arte vida Dance Meditation consists of movements that open the seven main chakras. It ends with a meditation to transform the energy released during the dance, leaving the body light and the mind clear.

Video “danza meditación”

The video shows you the different dance movements for the seven Kundalini chakras.

Music “tabla de danza”

In the album “tabla de danza” you will find the music for dance meditation, played on the Indian tabla.

  1. dadra tal – root chakra (5:10)
  2. bayani – sacral chakra (5:34)
  3. rejhesteni –  solar plexus Chakra (5:16)
  4. dadra – heart chakra (5:27)
  5. kaherva – throat chakra (5:23)
  6. keyda – third eye chakra (5:20)
  7. espíritu – crown chakra (13:17)
The arte vida dance meditation consists of movements that open the seven main chakras. With the above video you receive the initiation for these dance movements. To perform the session move to the sounds of “tabla de danza” – each song on this album is dedicated to one of the chakras. You can dance on your own, or with friends in a group to exchange your experiences afterwards.

This project is a collaboration between Stefanie Horn from arte vida, Barbara Winter from Onírico Films and Martin Van from Sonidos del Viento. The dance meditation was filmed in the nature around Tandil and in the Cupula San Telmo.