Tibetan bowls, overtone vocals and Indian tabla create harmonious sounds that resemble the music of the universe.

The sounds bring our energy flow into balance and we tune into this natural vibration. This brings about deep relaxation and a connection to our inner world.


Tibetan bowls concert accompanied by soothing sounds of nature. These sounds increase awareness and sensitivity.

cuencos tibetanos

Tibetan bowls concert accompanied by soft ambient music. This music takes away your stress and brings you into a meditative state.


Overtone vocals with Indian tabla, Tibetan singing bowls and Swarpeti. These songs blend the sounds of voice, wind and percussion in their purest essence: the overtones. The result is this meditative and healing music.

1. espíritu – overtone vocals

2. despertar – with indian tabla

3. akasha – with tibetan bowls

4. sabio – with swarpeti

Album “espíritu”

tabla de danza

Indian tabla played for the Dance Meditation with one song per chakra – from the root chakra to the crown chakra. However, this album is also suitable for other meditation techniques or treatments.

1. dadra tal – root chakra

2. bayani – sacral chakra

3. rejhesteni –  solar plexus chakra

4. dadra – heart chakra

5. kaherva – throat chakra

6. keyda – third eye chakra

7. espíritu – crown chakra

You can listen to the music to meditate and relax, or use it for healing sessions. It is very suitable for Reiki, massage or other treatments.