the art of life

arte vida is a creative project for meditation and sound healing practices that was launched in Buenos Aires in 2006. The vision embraces the development of a healthy consciousness as well as the perception of the subtle energies of our world.

On this page you will find the Dance Meditation, music with Indian Tabla, Tibetan Bowls and Overtone Vocals as well as trance sessions and books for practicing this enchanting art of living.

dance meditation

Dance and drumming were already used by shamans for a journey to higher worlds.

The arte vida Dance Meditation consists of movements that open the seven main chakras. It ends with a meditation to transform the energy released during the dance, leaving the body light and the mind clear.

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Tibetan bowls, overtone vocals and Indian tabla create harmonious sounds that resemble the music of the universe.

The sounds bring our energy flow into balance and we tune into this natural vibration. This brings about deep relaxation and a connection to our inner world.

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Trance is an altered state of consciousness that evokes mental clarity and can bring about change.

These guided meditations are accompanied by meditation music and lead you into deep relaxation. They contain positive affirmations on various topics.

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In order to practice energy and sound therapy, it is very important to develop sensitivity, awareness and intuition. Basic knowledge and different techniques will help to visualize the subtle spaces and to better understand them.

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