The works of arte vida were channeled between 2006 and 2012. Today, the themes are more relevant than ever and this site was created to let their energy travel around the world.

Enjoy dance and relaxation, and I hope the books and music serve you for healing sessions.

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Rest and quiet your mind! Sit 
still and motionless
until the body becomes imperceptible, 
all pain in back
and legs fades away.

Rest and quiet your mind! Observe 
all thoughts in your head,
without emotional release,
don’t force anything,
simply let it happen. 

Rest and quiet your mind! Feel 
how thought gaps grow,
time becomes relative, neither long nor short,
you feel relaxed and balanced,
always lighter and freer.

Rest and quiet your mind! Let go 
of everything that is material,
leave your body and levitate,
go on an astral journey and
ascend to higher dimensions.

Now, rest and quiet your mind!

Happy New World!
–sh 22.12.2012